Monday, April 1, 2013

Want to Grow Your Business? Learn the Techniques of Effective Recruiters

If you’re like most companies, you might be looking forward to growth in hiring in Q2 and Q3. While this is an exciting time for these companies, if you recruit like most of them, you might make the mistake of hiring the best person who applies instead of the best person for the position.

At StellarHire Partners, we understand the importance of the recruitment process and focus our efforts on using technology to find remarkable talent for any industry. We’d like to share a few tips from our experience in staying on the front-line of the recruitment process. By following these four tips, you’ll embark on an effective recruitment process that strengthens your team.

1.     Know your goal. Too often, recruiters simply look for someone to fill a position. Instead, determine the long-term goal of the ideal candidate and how it meshes with the growth of your company. Instead of focusing on their resume, focus on their long-term career possibility with you.
2.     Think long-term. Candidates won’t be sold on any job opportunity immediately. They’ll want to weigh all their options and allow the information to sink in. By thinking long-term, you’re helping the candidate see the career opportunity at your company.
3.     Take initiative. Not all candidates will come to you. Take the pro-active approach of finding prospects and contacting them. While waiting for this process to work, prioritize the positions that matter. Some positions need to be filled faster than others.

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