Tuesday, April 9, 2013

CFOs Forecast Increasing Tech Revenues – Are You Ready?

A recent survey by BDO USA found that CFOs in the tech industry have a very positive outlook for 2013. Over half – 58% – of tech industry CFOs predict that their company’s revenue will increase over values seen in 2012, with an average predicted increase in just under 9%. Perhaps even more telling, 70% of CFOs who work for tech companies believe that merger and acquisition activity will increase in 2013 as well.

With all of this positive change for high-tech focused businesses, there are bound to be staffing changes as companies obtain the capital to expand, switch ownership, and combine to form bigger and better businesses. Couple those shifts with rapid adaptation of cloud technology and big data integration, and finding the right staff for the job becomes even more crucial.

StellarHire Partners has focused on bringing the very best talent to companies in the high-tech industry since 1999, and utilizes the most cutting edge technology for candidate sourcing, development, and management. Whether employers seek candidates who will bring to the table the most up-to-date understanding of SaaS, predictive analytics, systems management and security, or marketing automation, StellarHire Partners can find the right job seeker for any position.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

How the Internet Has Changed the Recruitment Process

There’s a reason it’s called the Information Age. The internet has truly changed the way that we gather, process, and utilize information, especially during the recruitment process! Since the business world changes so quickly, it’s important for our recruitment efforts to keep pace.

At StellarHire Partners, we use technology to proactively and effectively propel talent through the pipelines to fulfill company needs. We’ve found that the biggest benefit of the internet is what we call “big data.” These analytics allow us to quickly see if our efforts are paying off and what sites we should be investing our efforts in.

For instance, data can show us talent acquisition statistics for LinkedIn versus CareerBuilder. Both are fine sites, of course, but does one work for our particular company better than the other? Big data and analytics allow us to determine this.

Harnessing big data is the easy part. Implementing it to acquire new talent is the challenge that many businesses face. To make the most of your big data:

          Review the metrics and decide what sites are the most effective for your company.
          Consider key metrics about your company to improve your performance on these sites
          Use the data to proactively predict what future HR technology you should begin using to glean results.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Motivate Your Team for Excellence

How to Motivate Your Team for Excellence

All businesses thrive or fail based on the performance of their staff. At StellarHire Partners, we’ve determined that aside from recruiting the right people, keeping them happy and motivated is a challenge all employers face. Fortunately, this challenge doesn’t have to be a difficult one.

There are three major components to consider while motivating your team to always provide quality services.

Financial Incentive

Financial incentive is the first and most obvious incentive. Find a way to connect tangible results with financial rewards. Whether it’s a certain pay scale or bonuses, employees are more likely to work hard to reach a financial goal. Just like anything else, however, financial incentives only go so far.

Good Management

Good management motivates employees. While micromanagement offers quick, short-term results, it stresses and undermines your team. Instead, fight for their loyalty by truly getting to know employees on a personal basis. This also allows you to learn everyone’s strengths and weaknesses, which you can use while managing the team.


People want to feel like they’re part of a team in the workplace. By encouraging camaraderie, you’re motivating employees to support each other. Stronger individual performances mean a stronger team performance, which means a stronger business!

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Recruiting With Google+

Advice and How-Tos 4 Ways to Recruit Tech Talent With Google+

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Want to Grow Your Business? Learn the Techniques of Effective Recruiters

If you’re like most companies, you might be looking forward to growth in hiring in Q2 and Q3. While this is an exciting time for these companies, if you recruit like most of them, you might make the mistake of hiring the best person who applies instead of the best person for the position.

At StellarHire Partners, we understand the importance of the recruitment process and focus our efforts on using technology to find remarkable talent for any industry. We’d like to share a few tips from our experience in staying on the front-line of the recruitment process. By following these four tips, you’ll embark on an effective recruitment process that strengthens your team.

1.     Know your goal. Too often, recruiters simply look for someone to fill a position. Instead, determine the long-term goal of the ideal candidate and how it meshes with the growth of your company. Instead of focusing on their resume, focus on their long-term career possibility with you.
2.     Think long-term. Candidates won’t be sold on any job opportunity immediately. They’ll want to weigh all their options and allow the information to sink in. By thinking long-term, you’re helping the candidate see the career opportunity at your company.
3.     Take initiative. Not all candidates will come to you. Take the pro-active approach of finding prospects and contacting them. While waiting for this process to work, prioritize the positions that matter. Some positions need to be filled faster than others.

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